Magdalena Jarkowiec

Magdalena Jarkowiec is an Austin choreographer, sculptor, costumer and dance educator. Her choreographic work has appeared at The Off Center, The Salvage Vanguard Theater, and in Frontera Fest’s, “Mi Casa es su Teatro”. Her most recent work, an evening length trio entitled, “Us Kids Are Alone in the House” debuted at The Salvage Vanguard Theater in March 2016 to packed and exuberant audiences. Her soft sculptural work figures heavily into the set and costume design of her choreography but it also enjoys a life of it’s own. Two of Magdalena’s sculptures were recently selected to spend a year at Austin City Hall as part of the city’s annual “People’s Gallery” exhibition. She has received an honorable mention from the yearly Austin Artboards competition, and enjoyed a residency and solo show at San Francisco’s iconic Luggage Store Gallery which has exhibited the likes of Barry McGee, Margaret Killgallen, and Mickalene Thomas. She has created costumes locally for Rosalyn Nasky, Sharon Marroquin, Jennifer Hart, Michelle Ulerich, Ellen Bartel, Charles Anderson, and UT’s department of theater and Dance. She is a frequent collaborator with New York’s Netta Yerushalmy and had the pleasure of costuming Netta’s, “Helga and the Three Sailors” which the New Yorker described as a “perfect dance”. She is currently on faculty at UT Austin where she teaches ballet and pointe to the BFA population.