Performa/Dance and our collaborators recently received nine nominations for the 2017-18 Austin Critics Table Awards, and Artistic Director Jennifer Hart won "best choreographer" for Fellow Travelers and Murmuration.

Performa/Dance made two "Top 10" lists looking back at 2017:

Robert Faires' Top 10 Dance and Classical Treasures of 2017, for our June 2017 production Midsummer Offerings: Three Dances

Jonelle Seitz's Top 10 Thrills (No Frills) in Dance of 2017, for guest choreographer Magdalena Jarkowiec's piece Overseas Phone Call, 1987


Midsummer Offerings

Three Dances



Four Works by Three Choreographers

  • Dance Concert for 4X3: Four Works by Three Choreographers
  • Short Work (Dance) for Camille: A Story of Art and Love
  • Choreographer, Jennifer Hart for Camille: A story of Art and Love
  • Dancer, Oren Porterfield for Camille: A Story of Art and Love



Three Works

  • Dance Concert for IGNITE: Three Works
  • Short Work (Dance) for On Truth and Love