Performa/Dance presents


Dance Delights at the UMLAUF

Sunday April 14, 2019 at 6pm
UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum
605 Azie Morton Road
(formerly Robert E. Lee Road)
Austin, TX 78704
Suggested donation: $10-$20

Join us for an evening of dance and music winding through the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden. Your senses will be delighted by three whimsical dances, a dreamy array of sweet desserts and libations, and a special guest performance by composer Catherine Davis.


Costume concept sketch by designer Benjamin Taylor Ridgeway for Jennifer Hart's Once 'Round the Sun. Catch a bonus performance of this piece during the UMLAUF's Family Day.

On the Program

Once ‘Round the Sun
, by Artistic Director Jennifer Hart, is a playful abstraction of Terry Riley’s G-Song, a work built on a jazz progression with a sixteen-bar repeated phrase that grows increasingly complex. This ten-minute work centers on three people whose lives have crossed for a brief time — their connectivity, joy, responsiveness to each other and, eventually, their parting. 

Salt and Folly, also by Hart, humorously imagines 18th century life behind the veneer of beauty and ceremony in the royal court. The work explores themes of celebrity, desire, power, fantasy, and the mercurial strands of the human psyche. The music is a curation of classical and contemporary compositions: Gioachino Rossini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ben Frost.

Gnosis, by guest choreographer Alexa Capareda, is a study on sparseness, gesture, and physicality, keying into the graceful peculiarities of Erik Satie’s Gnossiennes.

Scene 2 is a hauntingly beautiful cello piece by award-winning Austin composer Catherine Davis. The piece is written for solo cello using a loop pedal in order to layer the different parts, thus sounding like multiple cellos playing at once, but in fact, features only one soloist. 

Header photo by Sarah Annie Navarrete